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Our commitment for more than 40 years :
Similar coffee quality as the major national brands with unbeatable prices !

It all started more than 40 years ago when the Flas Family, after having worked for very large brands of coffee, decided to go as a freelance in the coffee and tea industry. We first started, as a wholesaler, by importing major German brands such as Edusho, Dallmayer, Hanseaten Kaffee from Edeka, Messmer, Teekanne in the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg).

These brands were not yet known in our markets, so we had to build everything from scratch. Thus, by surrounding ourselves with a strong team and thanks to hard work and perseverance, the volume achieved has gone from ZERO to +/- 10,000 tons per year.

Building on these successes, we decided that in addition to distributing major brands, we were going to create our own coffee, our own brands and blends that we know today under the name “Vida Nova®”," Royal n°1® ", Domino®, Casa Colon®, Maximo®, Bingo®,…

Since then, coffees from Flaronis have continued to meet the expectations of coffee lovers by offering them the best blends for the best price. This vision has guided the Flas family for over 40 years and has made it the success it is today. The experience and know-how acquired over the years are now passed on from father to son, which allows the tradition of the taste and quality of Flaronis products to continue.

Building on the success of its brands, the Flaronis group has decided to diversify and offer a whole series of products that go perfectly with coffee such as Belgian chocolate "D’Artagnan", confectionery and pastry.

Flaronis also continues to be the privileged international partner and to exclusively distribute prestigious brands such as Gimoka coffee, Schirmer café, Baileys chocolate, Chocolat Reber,… in the Benelux.

In addition to the Benelux, Flaronis also markets its brands and products in about ten countries around the world such as Russia, France, Germany, China, Japan, Peru, Canada, Poland, Romania , Norway, Qatar, Estonia, Croatia, Andorra, Tunisia, ...

Recently, Flaronis has also decided to adapt to the digital world and now offers direct sales of its products via its website